Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair

April 1 – 4, 2014

Event Details:

Science Fairs are held each year in hundreds of elementary and secondary schools around the province. Projects can come in the form of a report, a demonstration or a model. All must follow specific criteria and all must display original scientific research. Students in the Fraser Valley are given the opportunity to display their outstanding projects to the public through the Regional Science Fair held each year at UFV.

This year BCYF attended and presented two awards. The two projects that were awarded the BCYF award were:

  • Produce Perfection: How to Keep Strawberries and Lettuce Fresh
  • Light, Camera, Growth

BCYF supports this event to encourage students to go into science and agriculture and to promote opportunities for youth in agriculture.

Click here to see letters of thanks from the BCYF winners:

BC Young Farmers Sponsers